YOU can make a huge difference in Haywood County!

The Meals on Wheels program provides so much more than just a well-balanced meal! Visits from our volunteers provide a human connection to many who rarely see anyone else throughout the day or week. Haywood County Meals on Wheels has provided nourishing meals to support the health and wellbeing of the homebound in our county for over 40 years. We have happily served well over 2,000 of our community members throughout that time, and invite you to continue serving with us!

Each year, Meals on Wheels Staff sends out a recipient feedback survey. Our recipients anonymously report back on meal quality, meal temperature, and volunteer interactions. Here are some of our recipient's thoughts on their volunteers:

"They are nice people and friendly!"


"My volunteers are fantastic! My 3 volunteers are the best! [They] are so kind & friendly!"


  "Volunteers are excellent! They're all really nice & kind to me."

Additionally, when asked to rate satisfaction with volunteer interaction on a Likert scale, over 98% of all our recipients reported they were either satisfied or very satisfied with their interactions. This speaks volumes about the quality of our current volunteers! It also highlights just how special the interactions and relationships between recipients and volunteers is. When our recipients hear a knock at their door, they know that so much more than a meal waits on their doorstep! 

We currently have approximately 60 volunteers to cover 20 routes on delivery days (Mondays, Tuesdays, & Thursdays). We have made it a goal to return to delivering hot meals to recipients 5 days a week, and we need YOU to help us reach that goal to feed our neighbors!